Do You Really Know Who You're Hiring?

Honestly, ask yourself how much you really know about the people you hire into your business. All you have to go on is a CV, what they say and how they present themselves in their interview. While making a point of being as thorough in this process as possible is great, how can you be sure you're not hiring a criminal or a spy from another company?

This is why companies throughout Africa are coming to D & K Management Consultants for our employee background screening.

Greatly Reduce the Risks of Hiring

The advantage of our world class vetting services is that it provides you with all the information you need, whether you require a basic or comprehensive background check. Our private investigators handle everything from credit checks and verification of qualifications to criminal records and ID verification.

While this may seem a bit much in some settings, it could mean the prevention of legal battles for your business. Imagine you are running a hotel, and you hire a new driver who seems to have all the necessary experience and a (seemingly) valid PDP. However, one day he gets into an accident and it turns out that their PDP (and perhaps entire licence) is a forgery and you are held responsible for hiring such a person in the first place. It sounds surreal, but these things do happen.

Make Sure You Get the Right Person for the Job

Avoiding hiring the wrong person is extremely important, but so is hiring the right person. In the case with the hotel looking for a driver above, you could find two ideal CVs out of total of five applicants. Both drivers have equal years of experience and excellent references, so there is no clear dividing factor.

A comprehensive background check might reveal a lot of what is not said on their CVs. Everything from bad credit and complaints from unlisted previous employers to traffic fines will come up in this process. With this information, you would be able to identify which individual is more prone to risky behaviour and whether either one (or both) might be lying on their CV. This effectively ensures that you make the best choice.

Only Trust Proven Results

Many security and private investigation firms out there will promise you results with employee background screening, but you should never simply take their word for it. The four signs to look out for before deciding to trust any private investigators in South Africa (or anywhere, really) are:

  1. Experience in the industry, and a track record to prove it.
  2. International sources, especially for cases involving foreign nationals and expats.
  3. Accuracy guaranteed by quality control and constant checks and queries.
  4. Sources directly linked to the private investigators, as opposed to third parties.

Contact us and find out how our compliance with all these criteria have helped our clients, and how we can help you check out your future employees too.

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