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While there is a great focus among South African private investigators on commercial and business investigations, there is more to investigation services than this. This is why D & K Management Consultants has spent the last 25 years building its reputation as the leader in private investigations of a more domestic nature.

As an individual needing investigation services, you may be unfamiliar with the exact services provided, especially considering how large and varied the industry is. With this article we aim to help you understand some of our key private investigation services.

With the rates of unemployment, crime and corruption in South Africa, private investigators are often called in to investigate the activities of individuals. It is not unheard of for seemingly ordinary citizens to end up involved in criminal activities, ranging from petty theft to gang activity, often simply seeking a way out of a desperate situation.

If you suspect anyone around you of being involved in such activities, be they family, friends or even neighbours, our private investigation agency can provide you with the information needed to take action, offering peace of mind. Especially in cases where you feel that you or a loved one may be in danger; proper investigation can be critical to your safety.

Gathering Evidence for Adultery/Infidelity Suits

Although it is a cliché played out in the media, private investigation services really are the best way to collect evidence in cases of adultery. Making use of this service protects you from the legal and emotional trouble of confronting the situation personally, as well as providing you with legal backing should you wish to take action.

There is a common misconception that this process involves photographing the cheating spouse in a compromising position, but that is not our focus. Our investigators will discretely collect all the necessary evidence to prove the infidelity and make your case, but the typical photographic evidence mentioned above will only be provided if expressly requested.

Substance Abuse Suspicions

Substance abuse is a major challenge in the private, civil space, especially for family. The difficulty with substance abuse cases is that substance abusers tend to deny their problem or to refuse treatment, even if it is having severe negative effects on their careers and personal lives.

In such cases, a thorough private investigation service can be helpful in attaining evidence of the substance abuse if it is suspected, as well as evidence that the individual is a danger to themselves and others in extreme cases. This evidence of risk can then be used to obtain a court order to have that individual placed in rehab, for their own health and safety and that of those around them (in line with the legislation in the Prevention of and Treatment for Substance Abuse Act.

Guaranteed Discretion and Information

Before commencing any private investigation services, our standard practice is to present you with all the necessary information and pros and cons. No investigation is undertaken without your consent and agreement on all aspects of the process.

Contact us to find out more about how our services can help you obtain peace of mind.

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