There is little that can cause as much destruction to families and society than the scourge of narcotics. The use of narcotics and/or alcohol tears away at the very fabric of the human race.

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In the fight against drug and alcohol abuse, D&K Management Consultants has made it our mission to provide helpful investigation services to families, schools, businesses and

This specialised division uses state-of-the-art drug detection equipment. This equipment allows our investigators to test surfaces for trace elements of narcotics, thus allowing for the detection of drugs to be done in a manner that does not raise suspicion from the user or seller. It is a well-known fact the people dealing or using drugs will often leave traces on surfaces such as table tops, clothing, keyboards, toilet seats, CD covers, etc. The equipment used by our investigators allows for the collecting and analysing of just ten billionth of a gram!

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This service is a vital step in confirming the use of drugs in offices, schools, restaurants, vehicles, etc.

The most common drugs found by our investigators are:

  • - CAT
  • - Cocaine
  • - Marijuana
  • - Crystal Meth (Tik)
  • - Amphetamines
  • - Opium-based substances
  • - Methadone
  • - Ecstacy

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 Important: This service is 100% legal and compliant to all South African laws pertaining to screening and drug detection. 

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“A stitch in time, saves nine”.


2 Responses to “Drug Detection”

  1. Rajay Rabulall says:

    I know a guy, selling and doing drugs. He sells to young kids. I am afraid to report this as i ay be found and who knows what may happen. He sells and uses dagga and wonga. He has messed up my relationship and is now messing up peole’s lives. How do i report him or get him arrested. I am certain, that under interogation, he will crack.

    • Investigators says:

      Many thanks Rajay for your comment. We only deal in detecting drugs when it comes to families or employers wanting us to test for trace evidence. When it comes to drug dealers, the issue is more complicated and the best thing to do is to report it to the police or to 702′s Crime Line.

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