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Navigating Workplace Investigations in South Africa

Conducting investigations in the workplace is part and parcel of the territory. Mostly left to someone in the human resource department or the security manager should the company have one. Unfortunately, in most cases neither of these individuals really knows how to go about carrying out the investigations in a manner that puts the company […]

How to Spot and protect yourself from advanced crypto scams

How to Spot (and Protect Yourself from) Advanced Crypto Scams

Whether you are looking to invest a couple hundred Rand or a much larger amount, cryptocurrency can seem like a great way to make some quick money. While there are a wide variety of different crypto options available for you to investigate, there are an equal number of crypto scams out there looking to dupe […]

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Five Reasons Why Security Managers Fail

Over the past thirty years, I’ve dealt extensively with security/risk managers. For the most part I’ve found them all to be dedicated and hardworking individuals. Why is it then that a large percentage of these individuals ultimately fail in their job function? Having spent countless investigations and consulting hours working with the heads of security […]

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What Can and Can’t Undercover Investigators Do?

Many people think the appeal of private investigation services is that they can work outside the realms of the law and go unpunished. This simply isn’t true. This misconception likely comes from the fact that private detectives and criminal investigators are not ruled by the same code as the police force, for example. Undercover investigators are […]

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Duty of Care… Providing Adequate Security & Protection for Employees

This year marks the 25th anniversary of my life in the security consulting and investigation arena. That equates to almost 4 200 site security audits or operational audits completed. Shit! That’s a fair amount of time spent reviewing and assisting clients to develop effective loss control and security plans. After all this time, there is […]

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Finger Taping for Ball Tampering?

The now well publicised Aussie cheating scandal has not only confirmed what many an astute fan has been thinking for a long time but has also created a situation where we are now questioning past games and results. I’m not just referring to long past or even the recent ashes series. David Warner was the […]

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How to Recognise Reliable Private Investigation Companies

D&K Management Consultants is dedicated to providing you with the best possible investigation and risk management services available from private investigators in South Africa. If you do choose to hire private detectives and investigators for whatever reason, here are a few ways to help you decipher whether they are a reliable private investigation company or […]

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Police vs Private Investigations: What is the Difference?

Police and private investigation services may seem similar on the surface, but there are several key differences which influence the two roles and impact their scope of delivery. Legal Authority The first, most identifiable difference, is legal authority. Police officials have the legal authority to detain witnesses and compel testimony, whereas private investigators are not […]