November 04 2021 0Comment
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Finger Taping for Ball Tampering?

The now well publicised Aussie cheating scandal has not only confirmed what many an astute fan has been thinking for a long time but has also created a situation where we are now questioning past games and results. I’m not just referring to long past or even the recent ashes series.

David Warner was the “official” ball polisher in the first two tests for the Aussies. A practice that, as I understand it, is quite normal (done legally) and nobody thought too much of it. However, after the sandpaper incident in this third test something triggered my memory around Mr Warner’s “over done” finger strapping during the previous test match at PE. In fact, his fingers and hand were so taped with sticky Elastoplast that I actually wondered if he was injured.

Now here’s the clanger; if regular electrical tape such as the piece used by Cameron Bancroft was able to imprint its glue on the side of the ball and thus collect dirt and debris, surely the glue (sticky) side of Warner’s finger strapping would do the same? Come to think of it those television shots of Warner’s hand in PE show a lot of dirt and grass almost as though some of the tape was facing sticky side out.

Go figure……

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