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Police vs Private Investigations: What is the Difference?

Police and private investigation services may seem similar on the surface, but there are several key differences which influence the two roles and impact their scope of delivery.

Legal Authority

The first, most identifiable difference, is legal authority. Police officials have the legal authority to detain witnesses and compel testimony, whereas private investigators are not law enforcement professionals. Therefore, private investigators are forced to get creative in their meticulous investigative techniques in order to gather information that can offer their clients sufficient evidence to support or disprove their claims.

Scope of Services

Generally speaking, police investigation services are limited to offences that are identified as crimes in South Africa. This means that private investigators are able to work on a broader scope of services, such as:

  • Domestic/matrimonial investigations
  • Investigations into individual activity
  • Evidence gathering for adultery/infidelity suits
  • Substance abuse suspicions

Budget Limitations

The South African Police Department is limited to an annual, tax-funded budget. This unfortunately means that some cases are not given the required resources needed to solve the case. The number of cases also plays a big role, as there is often not enough time to be dedicated to individual cases. Private investigators, however, are paid by their clients. This gives them the opportunity to dedicate much-required resources and time in order to handle and solve each and every investigation.

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