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Johannesburg Private Investigators | D&K Management Consultants

Protect Your Business with Professional Private Investigation Services

Are you running your own business? If so, you may have noticed something fishy at one point or another in the business. This could have been with a supplier, a customer, or your own employees. But what could you do about it?

Far too many business owners and loyal employees are left helpless against the many clever methods criminals have invented in modern times. At D & K Management Consultants we have invested years of experience and training into helping you take back control and fight against crime and corruption; through professional private investigations.

Undercover Investigations

One of our most successful methods of eliminating fraud and theft in businesses is the use of undercover private investigators. These professionals are highly trained in the art of fitting into your organisation while getting to know your business, your employees and your customers. They then use this in-depth knowledge and their observation skills to find and report on any misconduct, theft or risks that they find.

For your own peace of mind, you will be highly involved throughout this process as well. Our Investigations Director will meet with you personally before the investigation commences to work out the best plan possible for a successful outcome, and to establish what you are comfortable with. Our private investigators are there to help your business, not to pry unnecessarily, and your privacy and protocols will be respected at all times.


Our private investigators in South Africa are also trained and adept in handling matters in a more direct manner, if you prefer that. They are able to work with clear objectives in mind to find and resolve any incidents that you feel warrant polygraph testing. Despite the wealth of cases published in the media about people cheating polygraphs, our private investigators are trained to get the best results with the lowest possible margin of error, using a multi-stage process that has been designed to show results.

Do you still have questions?

Put your mind at ease right now by contacting us directly, and we will be happy to assist you in finding the best possible solution for your private investigation, risk assessment and security needs.

Our team is professional and discreet in all their work, and your safety and security are their utmost priority.