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Johannesburg Private Investigators | D&K Management Consultants
Johannesburg Private Investigators | D&K Management Consultants

We provide Due Diligence investigations ranging from low key background checks to large comprehensive vendor or individual projects. Our Due Diligence investigation services are not confined to Africa but are available globally.

Entering a New Business Arrangement?

  • Do you know who this company really is?
  • Do you know for sure that this individual is not scamming you?
  • Who is checked them out properly – and not just on Google?
  • Do they actually have a real brick-and-mortar office?
  • Are you about to invest in a fraudulent business?
  • How did this company just suddenly appear?

If you find yourself asking even one of these questions, the requirement for engaging us to carry out a comprehensive Due Diligence investigation is very obvious.

We teach our kids about “stranger danger” yet when it comes to our livelihoods, our businesses and our hard-earned money and reputation, we tend to just trust.

Your Due Diligence requirements may be small or entail large international business, but regardless of the size of the requirement, we will conduct a sound Due Diligence investigation for you. Please don’t ever think Due Diligence is for multinationals or Fortune 500 companies only. In fact, over 65% of the requests our firm receives for Due Diligence investigation work are from small to medium size companies.

Our Due Diligence investigation department is staffed by the most talented and skilled open-source intelligence (OSINT) investigators, handpicked and head hunted for their exceptional Due Diligence investigation stills.

With a footprint in 49 countries worldwide, D&K Management Consultants does not just rely on open-source intelligence (OSINT). We are still very much guided by the investigation techniques of years gone by, while simultaneously leveraging modern technology and techniques. Boots on the ground, eyes on the individual, still forms part of our Due Diligence investigation services.