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Polygraph Services

Polygraph testing is regarded as a critical tool in any investigation.

In fact, we firmly believe that every company – no matter the size – has our polygraph examiner’s number on speed dial.

Our polygraph services are provided in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

With over 10 000 tests having been performed between our polygraphers, you can be sure that when you book a polygraph test with us you are getting the most professional and experienced Polygraph examiner, doing the test.

Lie detection through the use of the polygraph testing method is a common and regular procedure for investigators and companies alike.

Polygraph testing can be done at your premises or at ours.

Polygraphing Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is a polygraph test?

There have been thousands of reviews regarding the overall accuracy of the scientific based polygraph test. These studies have shown that the polygraph test is accurate within a range of 80-90%. Although not 100% accurate, the level of lie detection (deception) is far greater than basic human lie detecting ability.

Can I polygraph my employees?

The answer is yes. However, we must point out that unless your employees have a polygraph testing agreement in their employment contract, you will need their consent.

Can we ask anything in a polygraph test?

The accuracy of the polygraph process is based on control questions and four to five dedicated questions pertaining to the specific matter at hand. The polygraph examiner who is a qualified polygrapher will only ask the pre-determined questions in the test phase. One cannot jump between scenarios or suspicions. Each matter must have its own set of questions.

Do you polygraph domestic employees?

Yes we do. In fact, a vast majority of our polygraph services are for households seeking resolution on matters pertaining to suspected criminal activity.

How long does a polygraph test take?

On average, a polygraph test lasts about 60-90 minutes per test.

Is a polygraph test admissible in the CCMA?

Polygraph tests are accepted in the CCMA, when supported by other forms of evidence. There are indeed cases on record where the result of two or even three independent polygraph tests presented together was deemed as sufficient evidence for a dismissal.

Will the polygraph work on someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol?

Due to the physiological elements measured during the polygraph test, testing persons under the influence of narcotics and or alcohol can cause an incorrect reading. Under no circumstances do our polygraphers conduct a test on clearly visible or suspected inebriated persons.

What happens after the polygraph test is completed?

Our polygraph examiner will evaluate the readings of the test and compile a detailed report. This confidential report will be provided to the person requesting the polygraph test. In the event of a reading that indicates deception, we recommend a one-on-one interview takes place. This interview will be conducted by one of our senior investigators. Further investigation may be required.