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Eugene Vidocq
The Father of Criminology

Life is a journey so when roadblocks arrive that impede your journey and throw you off course, you are going to want assistance from the people who have spent their working lives helping people (just like you) to get through whatever problem you need help with.

Having a professional private investigator in your corner is not just a great life hack but an insurance against the many pitfalls that impact on your emotional and mental well-being.

Private investigators have become sought-after individuals by legal firms, lawyers, and individuals throughout the world. A skilful private investigator will assist you in obtaining information, intelligence, and evidence in almost every scenario that requires truth and facts often hidden by dishonesty and cover stories.

A private investigator hired from our company is available to consult with, and advise you or your legal team on precisely what your particular investigation will entail and why. Furthermore, our private investigators are all completely aware of the evidence that would be needed to assist you in proving your case.

Our private investigators do not just relate to matrimonial or infidelity cases. We are regularly called upon to conduct legal and financial investigations.

For a streetwise and savvy lawyer, having access to our skilled private investigators is a major asset in your case winning “Toolbox”. This is an advantage that very often turns a case into a winner from what originally looked like a “blow out”.

Adding to the lawyer’s Toolbox of case winning tactics is the fact that Kyle Condon is considered an area expert and, therefore, an accepted and recognised professional witness in several investigation portfolios. Stacking your “corner” with the best investigative minds and the vast “little black book” of specialists that our private investigators have access too is no longer seen as shrewd, but rather seen as professional and expected.

Presenting evidence in a court, tribunal, CCMA, or any other hearing requires an investigator who holds the following skills and traits:

  • Articulate
  • Well read
  • Well versed
  • Quick thinking
  • Consistent temperament
  • Calmness
  • Presentable
  • Streetwise
  • Humorous

Far too often, so-called “PIs” are not even close to the calibre of person mentioned above. Resulting in your hard-earned money being wasted by spending it on an investigation simply because the “gum shoe” PI was a good investigator but a lousy presenter of evidence, with a poor public speaking ability.

“Over the past three decades our hiring strategy for private investigators has been based on skillset, verbal prowess, confidence, and professional understanding of thinking calmly under pressure.”

Kyle Condon – Grad of Institute of Security South Africa
Owner D&K Management Consultants
Regional Director for Africa (Council of International Investigators)
Johannesburg Private Investigators | D&K Management Consultants

Tips to consider when hiring a Private Investigator

  • Please ask for PSIRA registration and proof of certificate.
  • Request their office address and verify it. Statistically, the “fly-by-night operators” work from home. Note: this is not to say all private investigators who work from home are unprofessional or high risk, not at all. However, it is a fact that most unregistered, unprofessional conmen posing as private investigators are unable to show a brick-and-mortar office.
  • Ask for references and check them out.
  • Stay away from any private investigator that “guarantees” you a result. This industry is no different to that of a lawyer or doctor in that absolute guarantees of success cannot be provided. The only thing a professional private investigator can guarantee is commitment to your case, absolute truth about findings and complete confidentiality.
  • Remember what you hire when it comes to a private investigator is exactly what you are going to get. Don’t fall for promises and smooth talk, do your homework.
  • A professional private investigator will always be willing to see you for a consultation at their place of work. Why wouldn’t they? After all, the investigator who is proud and passionate of his/her work is always keen to show their credentials off. At least that is how D&K operates.
  • Be wary of a private investigator changing their fee structure midway through your investigation. This is typical of the “playing both sides conman”. Agree on your quoted fee beforehand. Ensure the investigator provides you with a legal contract detailing the investigation scope. Don’t accept open quotes. As an experienced private investigation firm or investigator, he/she should know what each type of private investigation will entail and likely cost. Try to negotiate a ceiling fee.

75% of our Private Investigation requests are received from:

  • Lawyers and or legal teams
  • Infidelity and matrimonial cases or suspicion
  • Human resources for evidence purposes
  • Surveillance requests
  • Asset tracing and intelligence required for maintenance claims
  • Retrieval of data
  • Placing of hidden (covert) cameras and audio equipment
  • Cold case investigation
  • Murder and suspected murder investigations
Johannesburg Private Investigators | D&K Management Consultants

Important note

Please note that private investigators and investigation companies are granted no special privileges by the laws of South Africa. Therefore, any and all investigations and techniques to gather facts and evidence for your case must be done within the clearly defined parameters of the law. Any investigator who does not understand or respect the laws of privacy, and the Criminal Procedures Act of South Africa is a severe risk to you and your case.