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“The specialist Close Protection Officer deployed to fulfil this level of bodyguard service are those with over 5 years bodyguard experience (in the field). They are selected by our head of VIP Protection and Executive Security and have sufficiently proved themselves as elite specialists over and over again.”

Kyle Condon – Grad of Institute of Security South Africa
Owner D&K Management Consultants
Regional Director for Africa (Council of International Investigators)

There are essentially four categories of people who require VIP Protection services, otherwise known as Close Protection services, carried out by Close Protection Officers (bodyguards). These are:

  • The individual person who for a period of time requires a bodyguard. Normally, a single day, or perhaps a few days.
  • The executive/s visiting South Africa for business purposes. Typically, your requirements would be for a couple of days to a week. The bodyguard function for these assignments is focused on the wellbeing of the principal/s during his or her stay. Critical to these projects is keeping the client safe from the general crime risks prevalent in South Africa. Furthermore, the bodyguards assigned to these details will ensure that the principal’s timekeeping and schedules are kept on track and possible travel delays between appointments are mitigated through pre-route reconnaissance. Our specialist Close Protection Officers, which form our Executive Protection units will handle all security, transport, and in-country logistics for you.

Traveling to an unfamiliar country, with its often-unique set of cultures and laws, can be an uncomfortable situation for visitors to South Africa. Our bodyguards understand this and will provide advice and suggestions regarding safe places to visit, laws, and best practices to keep you or your employees safe and comfortable during the time spent here.

  • Celebrity Protection is our third portfolio of client. Providing security and transportation for celebrities is a task that only true celebrity protection specialists should undertake. The myriad of challenges brought on by schedule changes and media attention requires a bodyguard team that clearly understands crowd control, human characteristics and can balance tight schedules with demanding media and fans. If you’re looking for experienced, undaunted security and security drivers for your talent, then you’ve found it.

With our specialist sister company, Global Bodyguard Services, your needs are professionally taken care of.

  • High-risk individuals complete our portfolio of clients that engage our bodyguard services. This level of protection service is ordinarily provided on a monthly basis and can often run as a “permanent” service. Bodyguards are assigned to these projects based on the risk portfolio of the principal and often the principal’s immediate family. These bodyguards are tasked with managing every aspect of the client’s risk status. This will include security and protection while traveling, at work, at residence and over weekends.