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Situations in Which You May Consider Polygraph Services

There are many situations that call for the truth to be revealed. Sometimes this is somewhat more complicated than others, so there are situations that call for methods that can be provided by a private investigator – like professionally administered polygraph services.

In the Workplace

Many jobs in industries that handle sensitive information may require potential candidates to undergo polygraph testing to secure the position. This is commonly used in the hiring processes of government employees. Polygraphs used by employers looking to fill job vacancies do so to ensure the candidate has been truthful about their past, and if they have not, it will likely come to the surface during a polygraph test.

Theft, Embezzlement and Fraud

When there is suspicion of theft, embezzlement or fraud, polygraph services have proven particularly effective at getting to the bottom of the case. When these crimes occur in the workplace they leave traces, but it can still be difficult to determine who the guilty parties are. The use of polygraph tests in these situations have proven to work quickly and efficiently in revealing guilty parties with minimal disruption to the company’s operations.

Domestic Issues

Private investigators have also been known to make their polygraph services available to couples who consent to being given a polygraph (usually with their partner present). Using polygraph tests to settle trust issues can go one of two ways; it may help them plan to improve their union in the hopes of moving forward or drive them to cut their losses.

There are multiple situations which may call for polygraph services, especially when the law has been broken. For professional private investigators and polygraph services to help you get to the bottom of just about anything, contact D&K Investigations and Risk Consultancy.