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Strikes Loom Large. Are You Ready?

All indications show that South African trade unions are really concerned about the low levels of payments into their coffers. With COVID-19 creating an economic apocalypse, trade unions are now feeling the pinch. So what does this mean for you?

Strikes… and with so many excuses available to the money obsessed socialist organisations, studies suggest that every sector could experience large scale, violent strikes.

That said, it is a little-known fact that very few – and I mean VERY few – “security” companies are equipped, skilled and logistically prepared to assist you with credible strike containment services. Unfortunately companies are finding out the hard way that their security provider actually creates bigger legal and Duty of Care problems during strike action than they ever could have imagined.

Now is the time for you to identify and collaborate with strike protection professionals who genuinely know how to commandeer a premises, while deploying and managing the volatility that comes with mass protests and strike action.

To start off, I suggest that those executives and security managers linked to the security portfolio create a relationship with a company that they are certain will be able to add serious value during strike action. Making up the numbers by hiring bouncers and roughnecks is not the answer. Sadly, many companies fall into this trap and learn the rather painful and expensive way that they made a poor, poor strike security decision.

If only one point I make here stays with you, let it be this: Now is the time to have that uncomfortable discussion about your strategy should a strike blow your way. Waiting until formal (if you are lucky) notifications arrive is too late!

To assist you with a starting agenda here are my 20 points to consider during strike preparedness meetings:

  1. Demarcation of picketing areas
  2. Lines of visual zones for red, yellow, and green counter action
  3. Lockdown
  4. Roles of responsibility for management team
  5. Strike protection personnel (numbers)
  6. Equipment requirements
  7. Contact details of essential services
  8. Use of non-lethal force
  9. Emergency services
  10. Liaison committee
  11. Safe zones for non-striking employees
  12. Working status of CCTV cameras
  13. Fire-fighting stations
  14. Physical perimeter inspection and maintenance
  15. Early warning communication platforms
  16. Discussion on business continuity plans
  17. Temporary housing of high-risk employees and supervisors
  18. Logistical arrangements for car pooling
  19. Budgetary requirements for strike related services
  20. Temporary state of emergency protocols for your business

(Vehicle petrol bombed during strike action)

Through 30 successful years and some of South Africa’s most violent strikes and bouts of labour unrest, D&K Management Consultants has been at the forefront of protection against strike violence.

Our units – now known simply as “The Saints”, due to our company logo and tell-tale black combat gear – are a common sight at striking companies.

The reason… we are very, very good at what we do. We specialise in strike protection and preparedness plans. Our Saints unit’s understanding of South African laws and property protection rights are unmatched. We do not act impulsively, and in the face of extreme threats and potential harm we to date have not faced one lawsuit or criminal negligence complaint.

Time for you to meet with us? I believe so.


Please contact me for a meeting to discuss the above.

Kyle Condon – GRAD of I.S (SA)
082 820 5363

For more information, contact Kyle Condon on saint@intrigue.co.za, follow him on Twitter @investigatorsZA or visit www.investigators.co.za.