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Why Private Investigators and Forensic Audits Are More Trusted Than the Police

In 1994 – when South Africa joined the rest of the free world and democratically elected Nelson Mandela in the first democratic election for all South Africans – the country exploded with opportunity and excitement.

Through this election, the party which had previously been banned – the African National Congress (ANC) – was suddenly pushed into the most powerful offices and seats in the land. Unfortunately, as both the ANC and the rest of the country was about to learn, managing successful government portfolios such as the police required more than “struggle” credentials.

Many top government positions were quickly filled by those who had been ardent members (comrades) through the struggle years but did not necessarily have any idea of how to run government portfolios, were now thrust into critical decision-making positions.

As the years passed and the ruling party’s narratives, including the controversial Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), took effect there was a large migration of white police and special investigations members into the private sector. Although the government’s plan seemed somewhat logical to them the reality was that for good or for bad white law enforcement agents who suddenly found themselves out in the cold left the police force, taking with them all their accumulated skills and experience.

Senior positions in the South African Police Services were filled, but not by seasoned policemen, rather by ANC chosen members. The net result was a rather fast and steady decline in policing portfolios. The crime rate skyrocketed, and convictions dropped.

Public opinion of the police drained like water from a bath. This ignited the rise and growth of Private Investigator related services. Many highly qualified ex-policemen were now finding that their skills and expertise were actually a commodity they could make money from. And why not?

Although private investigators and private investigation companies sprang up like tulips in a Dutch spring, many also fell by the wayside. Primarily due to the investigators lacking in basic business skills. Many excellent private investigators achieved great results in cases but were unable to run their growing businesses in the same way. One thing the South African Police Services never taught its police officers was business and financial management.

As a result, those individuals who did flourish did so because they quickly realised the importance of both up-skilling themselves on matters of business management, or employing someone who had these skills.

Through this “natural” process of elimination, the Private Investigation industry shrank in numbers of individual Private Investigators but grew in the quality of truly professional and respected Private Investigation companies.

These Investigation companies were able to absorb many of the individual Private Investigators with recognised skills and make them part of one large organisation. A company that could offer members of the public an array of Private Investigation services, with more professionalism and better results than what the ailing Police force is able to do.

Over the last 26 years, Private Investigators and companies have developed into a virtual privatised version of the South African Police Services. Crimes such as fraudcorruptionmurder, theft, and kidnapping are now successfully handled by private companies, because the public have come to realise that the chance of success in their cases is significantly better than leaving it to the overburdened and under staffed Police Services.

A further reason why both the public and private businesses are turning to Private Investigators is, with a recognised and respected Private Investigation and Forensic company, there is accountability and someone to actually speak to.

D&K Management Consultants, which is one of the “originals” and the longest running Private Investigation and Forensic services company has become synonymous with criminal and civil investigation successes. Handling investigations for lawyers, businesses, and individuals for 27 years, the members of D&K have pretty much seen it all. The difference though is that they never stop learning.

“Our reputation as the leading Criminal and Civil Investigation company in South Africa was not achieved over a year or two. Nobody becomes number one overnight, and we are no different. Our reputation grew from case-to-case and client-to-client. Word of mouth is the strongest marketer of your business. Our clients, both big and small, are our best salesmen. Why? Because they have physically seen and felt the results of dedication and loyalty to their cause,” says Kyle Condon – Owner and Co-founder of D&K Management Consultants.

The Private Investigation and Private Forensic industries are not going away. In fact, it’s growing, and that’s because the citizens of this country appreciate professionalism and expertise that they can tap into in their hour of need.

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